Jolastic Washing Solution - 12 ounces for Elastic Compression Stockings and Garments

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Jobst Jolastic Special Washing Solution for elastic compression garments • Formulated to remove oil, body acids, and skin salts quickly and easily without damage to the fabric. This specially designed solution will help extend the life of all elastic compression stockings and garments. • An outstanding solution developed especially for laundering compression stockings. The ingredients in Jolastic ensure excellent soil removal and are mild to the user's hands. • Long Lasting - Only 1 capful of this concentrated solution per 2 quarts of warm water • CONTAINS NO PHOSPHATES • Contains NO PERFUMES • Contents 100% Biodegradable Directions: Use an amount equal to 1 capful of Jolastic to every two quarts of cool to warm water (no hotter than your hands can tolerate). Soak garment ten minutes. Squeeze gently in suds. Rinse thoroughly in clear, warm water. Roll in a towel. Dry away from sunlight to avoid fading of your compression garment. Never wring out a compression garment.

Jolastic Washing Solution

12 Fluid Ounces


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